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Gabriel Lopez

Years of experience: 12

Expertise: Photojournalism

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Let's keep it simple.

Our "Staff" (...it's just me....and I might occasionally bring an assistant)

My goal with Miami Family Photo is to provide you with beautiful, affordable, and professional family photographs. As a former photojournalist for the Miami Herald (2005-2006) and the Gainesville Sun (2006-2010), I'm always looking for that perfect moment. Lately, my life has been consumed by raising a baby girl and an 8-year-old boy! I know it's never easy getting that perfect shot of your child's mannerisms, unique expressions, or laughter while playing, let alone while chasing them with your iPhone! I've seen you do this, moms! (It's OK, my wife does the same thing).

My new baby girl, Daisy, and her beautiful path of destruction have inspired me to get the ol' camera out again!

My approach is very simple and photojournalistic.

OK, so you don't know what I mean by "photojournalistic?" No worries. It just means the images are candid. They are honest, true moments. We can do some posed portraits as well. But, basically, the best pictures are always of your little ones running around and playing!